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Product Description

Mattress Brand: David Phillips - Super Orthopaedic Mattresses

Tension: Firm

The Super Orthopaedic mattress by David Phillips is designed to be highly durable, and extremely supportive over a long life span. Being the firmest mattress we sell the Super Orthopaedic is designed to reduce tension and weight on joints during sleep, and forms better sleep posture, a number of features work together to help this mattress provide quality sleep:

This classic open coil spring system consists of 13.5 gauge Bonnell Springs, linked to evenly distribute bodyweight and offer all round support while contributing to the mattress’ longevity.

FABRIC                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The sleeping surface of this mattress is decorated with a fine damask ticking, high in cotton content, which offers a balance between aesthetics and durability. Micro-quilting on the surface provides a smooth even finish.

A dual sided mattress, the Super Orthopaedic should be turned occasionally to prevent compression and uneven wear, in order to prolong the life and comfort of the mattress.

Metal rod edges and side supports maintain the shape of the mattress, ensuring comfort by preventing sagging - which leads to unwanted movement and reduced support.

The open coil spring system provides firm tension, and has been carefully designed to offer orthopaedic support, reducing bodyweight where it is needed most during sleep. High quality filling materials ensure comfort and support in the long term.

Available in the following sizes:

Single 3ft (L191 x W91cm)
Small double 4ft (L191 x W122cm)
Double 4ft6 (L191 x W137cm)
King 5ft (L198 x W152cm)
Super king 6ft (L198 x W183cm)

At a depth of 21cm our Super Orthopaedic mattresses are suitable for all of our standard slatted bed frames and divans. All sizes are offered with a 1 year warranty as standard.

Looking for a European, zip and linked or a bespoke size version of this mattress? Then get in touch with a member of the David Phillips team today.

Specifications & dimensions

Super orthopaedic single 3ft mattress
Super orthopaedic single 3ft mattress
Item No: IN-20214D  

£199.00 ex VAT
£238.80 inc VAT

Super orthopaedic small double 4ft mattress
Super orthopaedic small double 4ft mattress
Item No: IN-20215D  

£249.00 ex VAT
£298.80 inc VAT

Super orthopaedic double 4ft6 mattress
Super orthopaedic double 4ft6 mattress
Item No: IN-20007D  

£249.00 ex VAT
£298.80 inc VAT

Super orthopaedic king 5ft mattress
Super orthopaedic king 5ft mattress
Item No: IN-20008D  

£319.00 ex VAT
£382.80 inc VAT

Super Ortho Mattress 6ft
Super orthopaedic super king 6ft mattress
Item No: IN-20216D  

£419.00 ex VAT
£502.80 inc VAT