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Product Description

Mattress Brand: David Phillips - Windsor Memory Pocket Mattress

Tension: Medium

Topped with a Coolmax knitted stretch layer, a two way stretch fabric coating, and featuring up to 1000 individual springs, the Windsor Memory Pocket mattress has been designed to work throughout the night to improve sleep quality.

The Coolmax layer of highly permeable memory foam reacts to body temperature, adapting its shape to better conform to the body during sleep. This layer dissipates heat, absorbs moisture and relieves pressure on sensitive areas, reducing movement and improving circulation during sleep.Sourced and hand-made in the UK, the Windsor Memory Pocket has a number of features designed to improve sleep quality and comfort:

A highly permeable layer of knitted stretch fabric overlays the surface of this mattress. This layer has excellent heat regulating properties, and draws moisture and excess heat away from the body.

The Windsor contains up to 1000 individual springs enclosed in separate fabric pockets, attached to adjacent pockets in order to improve responsiveness and body conformity. This construction offers greater comfort when compared to open-sprung mattresses.

The pocket spring system provides medium tension, and has been carefully designed to offer orthopaedic support, reducing bodyweight where it is needed most during sleep. Luxury filling materials ensure comfort and support in the long term.

Featuring air vents for moisture control and a hypo-allergenic anti-dust mite filling helps this mattress to remain healthy and hygienic throughout its life.

Available in the following sizes:

Single 3ft (L191 x W91cm)
Small double 4ft (L191 x W122cm)
Double 4ft6 (L191 x W137cm)
King 5ft (L198 x W152cm)
Super king 6ft (L198 x W183cm)

At a depth of 23cm our Windsor Memory Pocket mattresses are suitable for all of our standard slatted bed frames and divans. All sizes are offered with a 2 year warranty as standard.

Looking for a European, zip and linked or a bespoke size version of this mattress? Then get in touch with a member of the David Phillips team today.

Specifications & dimensions

Windsor single 3ft mattress
Windsor single 3ft mattress
Item No: IN-00231D  

£369.00 ex VAT
£442.80 inc VAT

Windsor Mattress 4ft
Windsor small double 4ft mattress
Item No: IN-00233D  

£419.00 ex VAT
£502.80 inc VAT

Windsor double 4ft6 mattress
Windsor double 4ft6 mattress
Item No: IN-00234D  
Available in 1 week*

£419.00 ex VAT
£502.80 inc VAT

Windsor Mattress 5ft
Windsor king 5ft mattress
Item No: IN-00236D  
Available in 1 week*

£479.00 ex VAT
£574.80 inc VAT

Windsor Mattress 6ft
Windsor super king 6ft mattress
Item No: IN-00238D  

£599.00 ex VAT
£718.80 inc VAT

Windsor Mattress Zip & Link 5ft
Windsor Mattress Zip & Link 5ft
Item No: IN-00242D  

£749.00 ex VAT
£898.80 inc VAT

Windsor Mattress Zip & Link 6ft
Windsor zip and linked super king mattress
Item No: IN-00243D  

£849.00 ex VAT
£1,018.80 inc VAT