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David Phillips Furnished Index

UK landlords could have collected over £300 million of additional rental income in 2015 by selectively furnishing rental properties that were let unfurnished.

Independent analysis of nearly 400,000 UK property records identifies the furnished rate and average rental premium achieved for every postcode sector in the country – almost 9000 micro regions in total.

The data is being made available to property professionals in the form of an online tool – the David Phillips Furnished Index Calculator.

Appropriate furnishing can increase yields by as much as 60%. The tool – a first of its kind – helps to finally answer the question 'to furnish or not to furnish' with data, not anecdotes.

Use the Furnished Index Calculator

Make data driven decisions

We've built the Furnished Index using the most comprehensive data sources, providing a unique level of detail into furnished levels and potential uplifts.

When to furnish?

Furnishing appropriately can help to maximise rental income. When this isn't the case, our tool will indicate that you may be better off not furnishing.

Target the right tenants

We provide valuable information and recommendations to help you furnish your property appropriately and to attract the right tenants.

Professional version

More comprehensive data for corporate customers and developers with larger portfolios.

Professional users will be able to access the current furnished rate for the postcode sector where the property is, and the average rental premium achieved (if any) by landlords for properties in the postcode sector that are furnished.

Along with a recommendation of whether to furnish or not, they will also see details of the furnished rate and average premium achieved, along with an indication of the payback period for furnishing and the likely return on investment.

The recommendations provided by the Furnished Index Calculator are drawn from a database of almost 400,000 properties across the UK. The results are presented without bias, but rental premiums achieved can vary significantly depending on the individual property type and condition, its location, the neighbouring properties, and other factors. The Furnished Index results should be used a guide only, and we recommend discussing the data and your decision with a lettings or property management specialist who understands the local market.