Home staging is a dress to sell or dress to rent service used to increase a property’s potential to sell or rent. With the largest stock holding of furniture in the industry, David Phillips completes approximately 350 home staging projects every year and is a founding member of the Home Staging Association (HSA), an independent home staging industry trade association covering the UK and Ireland. Here are five reasons why home staging will help you maximise the return on your investment.

Picture perfect photography

With over 90% of enquires made online mostly via property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket, picture-perfect photography can make all the difference. An unfurnished property will feel cold and is less likely to attract interest, whilst a badly furnished property won’t sell the lifestyle that your target market aspires to. Whether it’s property or retail, consumerism is very visual so decent photography is essential to make your property stand out from the crowd. A report by the HSA revealed that 94% of the agents and 100% of the developers surveyed said that home staging increased the number of viewings (HSA 2019 Staging Report).

Change people’s mindset

Creating a scheme that’s aspirational – a level above what the target market would normally have – will make the property more desirable. Whether it’s a family house or a city apartment for a young professional, using accessories, artwork and products to add little lifestyle touches that appeal to the target market will help them to imagine themselves living there.

Hide the flaws

Home staging masks awkward layouts by demonstrating how furniture can be laid out. Our stylists are trained to select the right size and style of furniture to show a room to its best potential without making it feel over-crowded – whether that means using a small double bed instead of a standard double or showing an awkward third bedroom as an office-slash-guestroom the aim is to let buyers know they have options. Spaces that are quite dark and a little pokey, can be brightened up and made to feel more spacious using some decent light and wall mirrors.

Make your property feel more homely

Wall shelves with plants and vases, an open book on the coffee table with ruffled pages, or adding some scent with diffusers will make a property feel more inviting and homely. Key to this is tailoring the look to the target market. If it’s a first-time buyer apartment, the stylist might select furniture that’s a bit funkier or if the property is targeted toward growing families they may opt for a cosier theme with more traditional pieces giving a homely feel. All of this helps trigger an emotional response the moment they walk through the door.

Return on investment 

Home staging is one of the best investments vendors can make with 77% of developers reporting that the sale of the property paid for the cost of staging (HSA 2019 Staging Report). The HSA’s report revealed that 86% of agents and 100% of developers said that staged homes sold faster than a non-staged home, whilst 78% of agents and 83% of developers said staging increased the offer value. So home staging does help to maximise your return on investment.

Tali Leggett is an Interior Stylist and Head of Rental Experience at David Phillips. Call 020 3872 2294 to speak to a member of our team or for more information, visit