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Furnishing made easy

At David Phillips, we have a simple mission: to help our customers transform their spaces into homes.

We’re a specialist furnishing services provider for developers, investors, estate agents, property managers and landlords where we help take the hassle out of furnishing.

Today we lead our markets through a range of services, offering everything you need for stylish, stress-free furnishing.

We have a simple mission: to help our customers transform their spaces into homes.

Our Services

Our customers have a trusted partner to support them at every step of the way and importantly, make their lives easier. As a full-service supplier, we can handle every aspect of a project.

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Interior Design & Spatial Planning

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Refresh & Replacement Furniture

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Furniture Packages

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Rental Furniture & Property Staging

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The David Phillips difference

We’re a team of passionate individuals working across the country to ensure every aspect of furniture sourcing, delivery and installation goes as smoothly as possible. Our team combines an obsessive focus on customer service with strong sustainability credentials to meet today’s high standards of environmental performance.

Our Services

Furniture packages

Interior Design & Spacial Planning

Our team of expert spatial planners, interior designers, stylists and unflappable installers work with you to deliver beautiful, hardworking spaces. Operating across all our markets to ensure furnishing majors on function, well-being and style.

Resident personalisation

Refresh & Replacement Furniture

Whether you’re looking to replace a single item or managing a large-scale development refresh we remain on hand with a huge range of matching pieces held in stock and ready for delivery. Our expert team will work to replace items with minimal disruption to you and your residents.

Furniture as a Service

Furniture Packages

When you’re looking for stylish interiors that will transform your space into a home David Phillips Furniture Packages are the ideal solution. We offer a range of tailored furniture packages, suitable for all needs and budgets, ready and available now.

David Phillips Rental Furniture

Rental Furniture & Property Staging

Our full-service rental solutions mean we’ll do the hard work, so you don’t have to. With a dedicated in-house team working from concept through to final design and installation, we’ll create a scheme that’s unique for your project and just right for you or your clients.

David Phillips Fitted Furniture

Fitted Furniture

Our Fitted Furniture service specialises in delivering large-scale projects across sectors including Student accommodation, PRS and BTR. Our team is made up of experts with decades of experience in the sector: between us, we’ve delivered more than 70,000 rooms.

Working from Home

Shop Now

With 1000’s of pieces in stock and ready to be delivered within 48 hours our online store is always open. Our expert installers will unpack, assemble and place all items in the desired location, so you don’t have to. We also offer a removal and disposal service for items you no longer need.

News and Blogs

Catch up on the latest news from David Phillips, together with insights from our experts and partners into furnishing and the role it plays in today’s property market.

The importance of home

The importance of home: creating comfortable housing for key workers

For key workers, home has never been more important. Through the pandemic, our hospital, education, transport and delivery teams have needed more than ever to have a safe, comfortable place to come back to at the end of long days. Often moving far from home and...

5 tips to working from home in a small space

Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal and many people do not have a dedicated home office in their house, often sharing spaces with friends, family, or partners. A home office in small quarters needs to be dual purposed, so your set up does...
Retirement developments with mental health in mind

Home, meet headspace: designing retirement developments with mental health in mind

From feng shui to the psychology of colour, creating homes that work for our headspace is a tried and tested idea. Indeed, as more people become aware of their own mental health, the homes we live in are working harder and harder to keep our minds healthy. And, at...
David Phillips Rental Furniture

How BTR developments can support the shift to more working from home

Working from home (WFH) is here to stay. Among the many changes that Covid-19 has brought about in recent months, the shift in how our work and home lives interact has been one of the biggest. This is more than just changing people’s daily routines. It also has...
David Phillips Build to Rent

Six Reasons to Choose Landlord Furniture Packages

Landlords have a lot to think about when prepping a property for rental. Front-of-mind for everyone is how quickly – and how well – you can start to see a return on your investment. That means getting the right tenants in quickly, creating the space and the service...

Ten Property Features to Attract Millenials

Now in their mid-twenties to late-thirties, millennials – also known as Generation Y – are a hugely attractive group for the property market. But how can a property best attract them?Getting to know them better is a great start. Yet with such a broad range of ages and...

Five Reasons Why Home Staging Will Maximise Your Return on Investment

Home staging is a dress to sell or dress to rent service used to increase a property’s potential to sell or rent. With the largest stock holding of furniture in the industry, David Phillips completes approximately 350 home staging projects every year and is a founding...

Five Products to Make Your Living Room Feel More Spacious

With city living, space often comes at a premium making it even harder to choose the right furniture. We’ve selected five products that are perfect for this kind of scenario and explained how they can make your living room feel more spacious.Our retro, mid-century...

We Have the Tools to Shape Build to Rent

David Phillips has been leading the way for over 20 years, proving design, furnishing and installation services that have helped shape the private-rented sector. Throughout this time, we have worked across the spectrum with funds and institutional investors, private...

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