Gender Pay Gap 2022

At David Phillips we aim to create an inclusive culture putting people first and ensuring that all our employees are treated fairly and with dignity, regardless of gender or other characteristics.

A company’s gender pay gap is the difference between the average of all women’s and the average of all men’s earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. Gender pay gap is calculated by taking the average pay of all men working in the company and comparing it with the average pay of all women working in the company. The difference between the two averages is the gender pay gap.

David Phillips had 229 employees from April 2022, 66% Male 34% Female.

Gender Pay Statistics


Gender Pay Gap


Mean gender pay gap   
5.31 %
Median gender pay gap
-7.13 %

Gender Pay Quartiles


Bonus Pay

Mean bonus pay gap
Median bonus pay gap 

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