Bank Street

Maximising space & style with Student Tribe

Student Tribe is a property management company specialising in providing high-quality student accommodation across the UK. They approached David Philips to help them furnish their scheme to maximise space and ensure a consistent look, feel, and standard across the 28-bedroom development.

The client required a wide selection of durable and aesthetic products for bedrooms, dining rooms and living areas in addition to accessories, lighting and artwork for their Bank Street accommodation. Beginning with a floorplan review to gauge design and product specifications, we followed up with a sample review within our Manchester warehouse, allowing Student Tribe to experience the furniture first-hand, whilst evaluating potential furnishings and setups.

We prioritised a design that fosters a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Bedrooms and amenity spaces were meticulously designed to bathe in natural light, promoting a conducive environment for studying and relaxation. To introduce a touch of sophistication, darker-toned furnishings were strategically incorporated, creating a pleasing contrast against the overall brightness. Pops of vibrant colours in accessories were carefully curated to inject energy and personality into the spaces, ensuring a lively and dynamic ambience.

Recognizing the practical needs of student living, we utilised durable furnishings that not only withstand the rigours of daily use but also minimise the risk of damage, promoting a longer lifespan for each piece. This thoughtful approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the accommodation but also contributes to a functional and resilient living environment, tailored to meet the unique demands of student living.

We provided comprehensive support to our clients with our turnkey service, guiding them seamlessly from the initial concept to the final completion. This involved expertly managing the installation and design of the interiors, ensuring they were ready for student tenants before their arrival.

“We have worked with the team on several of our recent redevelopments in Lincoln, including our flagship block ‘Bank Street’ in the heart of Lincoln and we couldn’t be happier with the result. There was a wide range of products to choose from and the design team worked closely with us to giving multiple options for furniture through the properties. Being able to view the potential pieces/set ups at the show room in Manchester was also extremely helpful.

The delivery and install service was also great, there was a slight issue with the build overrunning meaning the furniture could not be set up in all flats, but the team at David Phillips were able to work round this delay and were helpful in reorganising return visits to complete the fit out.

Overall we are very happy with the service, and overall finish of the projects we have worked on so far with the Team at David Phillips and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

Peter Gould

Head of Property Management, Student Tribe

“It’s been great to work again with Student Tribe on their refurbishments during 2023. Our main project over the summer was the Bank Street development.

 We worked closely to understand the requirements, timescales, budget, and aspirations for the Student Tribe’s portfolio. Together, we utilised our design team to agree a brand standard and then hosted a sample review in our Manchester showroom and warehouse. The ability to look, see, and touch the furniture forms a big part of our customer service to provide confidence prior to a larger install.

Bank Street looks fantastic and we look forward to more projects during 2024 and beyond.”

Colin Campbell

Account Director, David Phillips

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