Furness Quay

Elevating sales success with not one, not two but three show homes

We’re delighted to showcase the triumph of our recent collaboration with Latimer by Clarion Housing Group at their prestigious Manchester development, Furness Quay. The project involved a comprehensive redesign of two show apartments and the creation of a stunning brand-new show home, complemented by the development of an impressive sales and marketing suite. 

Our interiors were thoughtfully curated to resonate with the specific target audience of Furness Quay. The design choices aimed at creating a strong connection between the potential buyers and the property, ultimately enhancing the overall viewing experience. We provided high-quality furnishings and decor, enhancing the visual appeal of each space. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence resulted in spaces that not only met but exceeded the expectations of both the client and potential buyers. 

Our dedicated team ensured that all projects were executed simultaneously, guaranteeing seamless coordination and the timely delivery of each component. This approach maximised efficiency and minimised disruption. Our partnership with Latimer by Clarion Housing Group has not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of the development but also enhanced the marketability of the properties.

Explore how our show home services can make a substantial impact on the success of your development here.

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