New Maker Yards

David Phillips were appointed to furnish Get Living’s New Maker Yards in Manchester, which is part of the landmark regeneration scheme Middlewood Locks. Three furniture schemes were requested to offer residents a choice of interiors.

By making intelligent product selections with clever design choices, David Phillips provided three unique schemes using statement pieces specific to each scheme combined with universal products used across all scheme types. The finishes on these products were adapted to reflect the aesthetic feel. This enables greater buying power with our supply chain, whilst also enabling Get Living ease of maintenance and replacement of components.

The client brief outlined three distinct schemes – Signature, Design and Premium; to which we developed a palette of materials that reflected the aspirations of each. The Signature scheme was based on a Scandi look and feel with light oak woods and soft pastel fabrics combined with neutral tones. The Design scheme was more industrial and was contrasting in approach, with a darker palette of earthy greens and blues combined with walnut wood and heavily textured fabrics. The last scheme Premium took a more elevated, eclectic feel with a combination of materials, added brass metal detailing, and soft tactile fabrics. These three schemes, once embellished with the resident’s possessions, enable each home to become a unique expression of style and personality.

The comfort and performance of each product were intrinsically important to the client, so from the beginning, we embedded this as a core attribute for all product selections. This is expressed not only in the tactility of fabrics and finishes but also in the proportions and ergonomics of each product. This has created schemes that are not only visually appealing but also full of enduring quality that helps cement New Maker Yards as one of the best Build-to-Rent offerings in Manchester.

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