Designed by renowned architects Horden Cherry Lee, this impressive piece of architecture with its arresting diagrid glass façade stands proud in the affluent Canary Wharf district. This 58-storey residential development required a detailed and highly considered design approach, with David Phillips entrusted to provide a bespoke furniture solution throughout. David Phillips worked closely with Vertus and the Canary Wharf Group to design a bespoke furniture solution exclusively for Newfoundland over a four-year period, taking an initial design concept through to installation via an extensive design development stage.

The design was based on Vertus’ aspiration for the interiors to be light, sophisticated, and most importantly, contemporary. The colour palette of bold blues and rust tones transitioned into a softer palette of powder blues, greens, and neutrals as you move through the building. Dark wood finishes combined with marble and brass detailing helped ensure a refined yet cohesive look was achieved that has depth and character.

When developing the schemes each piece needed to work within all apartments to ensure a comfortable layout was achieved. Taking the time to develop bespoke furniture items, such as the use of an angled corner sofa, helped achieve a nuanced response to this intricate building. Equally, the layout of the studio apartments required the development of a unique freestanding TV joinery unit with a rotating screen component. The long-standing relations we have with our suppliers ensure we can design, manufacture and deliver a product at a considerable cost saving to the client, compared to conventual fitted joinery.

In addition to providing the furniture for the apartments, David Phillips created furniture concepts for amenity and lobby spaces. The furniture for these areas were designed with a developed understanding of how these spaces would be used by residents, with luxury contract fabrics used throughout. The scheme required the development of bespoke furniture and joinery pieces designed and manufactured in the UK. Design details included custom silk rugs, hand-made pendant lighting, luxury games tables, fitted joinery to the gymnasium, and luxury outdoor furniture.

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