Westgate House

Achieving 5-year rent target in just 3 years!

SweetSpot Homes is a leading letting agent with a large portfolio of properties across the UK. The company specializes in providing top-notch accommodation to students with a focus on sleek, contemporary interiors and high-quality amenities. Having previously sourced, assembled, and installed furniture independently, SweetSpot Homes partnered with David Phillips in recent years to furnish their properties, saving time and resource while accomplishing an even higher quality finish and return on investment.  

The scope of work for their latest Newcastle development, Westgate House involved furnishing 38 bedrooms across 11 flats, including living rooms and kitchens with 3 different design schemes. David Phillips provided space planning and design services to ensure that each property was optimised for functionality and a variety of styles to suit different audiences.    

The project was completed within the agreed timeline, with David Phillips working alongside SweetSpot Homes and other contractors, including painters and flooring specialists, to ensure that everything was ready in time for the new student tenants.  

“Absolutely loved teaming up with David Phillips for the past two summers to give Westgate House a complete makeover. The design-led furniture package really impressed us and our client by helping to push the rent further than we had thought possible. It’s accelerated our 5-year rent target to just 3 years. We value the high-quality, durable finish that the David Phillips range allows. In the past, we’ve used other furniture which has looked great in photos but failed to meet Sweetspot’s and our tenant’s standards in person. The furniture supplied at Westgate has been excellent. An important part of the service has been the removal and recycling of old furniture to support the work of other contractors conducting refurbishment works including flooring and painting. Our account manager, Colin, organised this to ensure a smooth project with the properties fully refurbished and ready for new tenants moving in.” 

Alam Rahman

Director, SweetSpot Homes

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