Six Reasons to Choose Landlord Furniture Packages

Landlords have a lot to think about when prepping a property for rental. Front-of-mind for everyone is how quickly – and how well – you can start to see a return on your investment. That means getting the right tenants in quickly, creating the space and the service that will make them want to stay with you as long as possible, and reducing void periods when tenants move on.

Furniture, on the other hand, is not always high up the priority list. It’s not hard to see why: it’s a hassle. First, you have to source and buy the right items, making sure everything looks good, fits together well aesthetically and offers a good balance of quality and value for money. Not every landlord is an expert furniture buyer with an eye for design and a nose for a bargain! Then once you’ve bought it, maintenance, repair, and upkeep are on them.

However, no landlord can ignore the importance of furniture today. With renters (especially millennials) increasingly design-conscious, it can make the difference between an eager tenant and “I’ll get back to you”. This is why furniture packages have become increasingly popular. Carefully chosen by professionals and tailored to different renters, they take away the hassle and offer an instant way to get your property smartly furnished.

David Phillips Build to Rent
David Phillips Build to Rent

Here are six reasons why furniture packages are popular today:

1. Get started easily. It’s a competitive market for renters. Furniture packages can be delivered, assembled and installed in as little as 24 hours, getting your property onto the market in the fastest possible time. Compared with the time taken to buy individual items and get them delivered from different suppliers, the benefit is clear.

2. Attract tenants and reduce void periods. Many properties that are furnished have secure tenants after just one viewing – that’s the power of stylish and well-matched furnishing. Packages can be customised to attract different demographics or to fit with your chosen aesthetic. Properties furnished have also seen void periods halved to just 8 days from the UK average of 2.4 weeks. Particularly if you have multiple properties, this can quickly add up to a valuable extra return.

3. Earn more. With a professionally furnished property, you could see over three years of increased monthly rental income over a typical five-year tenancy. That’s because tenants will pay more for them, and with the right furniture choices, you could recuperate any upfront costs in under two years.

4. Stay on-trend. Furniture packages are chosen by professionals who live and breathe interior design. They’ll know what’s attracting renters now, as well as understanding that your property still needs to look stylish in years to come.

5. Manage costs. Everything has a lifespan. Eventually, you’ll need to replace any items you own. Furniture packages can offer replenishment as part of the service, giving you the benefit of the economies of scale that a professional furniture supplier has access to. These same economies also mean furniture packages can offer you an excellent blend of quality and value for money.

6. Keep interiors fresh. When things break or start to look tired, as the landlord it’s your problem to sort out repairs or refurbishment. It’s an issue we often see with HMO properties, which experience higher levels of wear and tear. This can easily add to your workload and costs, especially if you own several properties. With furniture packages, replacements can be turned around in 24 hours, helping you to maintain high standards with minimum effort.

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